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    Ein Offspace in Zürich

  • Basis Lager is open. The 4th december
    (11 am until 6 pm )
    Exhibition open in most of the containers.
    An opportunity to buy art products. You’re welcome!

    Basis Lager
    Aargauerstrasse 14-94
    Container 80/08
    CH-8048 Zürich

  • 27th November I will be showing some works at Kunstsalon with other swiss and international artists
    You’re wellcome 🙂

  • Around 200 people work in the Basis Lager. I started working here since this spring. There are professionals from different backgrounds working here – such as art, photography, fashion, literature, music and sculpture. Also there are few start ups (architecture or visual communication related) and other small businesses in here.


    I am here:
    Basis Lager / Aargauerstrasse 14-94 Container 80/08 / 8048 Zürich

  • It gives me an immense pleasure to invite you to the art exhibition where I would be displaying my artwort collages & drawings from the eighties, and some new stuff!
    Feel free to bring your friends or colleagues 🙂
    Date and Time: 2th november until 23th november.
    Opening the 2th November at 7 pm.
    The New New (Secondhand Shop), Rotbuchstrasse 16. Near Schaffauserplatz

  • “Ask your pillow is now available at the art shop Depot Holland, Barcelona.
    You’re welcome!

  • Proud to present the campaign that is doing PROPAGANDA AG / Masani in Zurich, they distribute postcards with an illustration of David Bowie. I did this illustration the year 2014. The work represents his flamboyant life style and his obsession for changing his appearance (clothes, hair style etc).

  • “Ask your pillow” is available at the graphic design, urban art and graffity shop Büro Discount. Zurlindenstrasse 226, 8003 Zürich. Big thanks!

  • You can see a sample of my work at Dynamo. Together with the people of Die Perspektive Magazine. Proud of it!