Artistic Ladyland, group exhibition at Discount Gallery

Opening: 26 of april 2019, 18:30 a 22:00 
Duration: 26. April until 26. Mai
Adress: Zurlindenstrasse 226, 8003 Zürich 

19 naked women adorned the cover of 
the first edition of Jimi Hendrix 
'album "Electric Ladyland" from the 
year 1968. On 7 February 1971, the 
women's suffrage was introduced in 
Switzerland - as the last European 
country. Until it was introduced in 
all cantons, it took another 20 years! 
To date, there has never been a majority 
of women in the Swiss Federal Council 
and no less gloomy than many board members 
of major Swiss companies. Gender equality 
between men and women seems to exist 
only on paper. 

The exhibition "Artistic Ladyland" it 
is intended solely to serve as a platform 
for female artists and to show 
current works by around 20 artists. 

Artists from very different creative areas 
and with very different points of view. 
A group exhibition featuring C-LiNe, Cho Linska, 
Darla Freeze, Eva Rust (Pic), Maria Rehli, 
Momo Canvas, Taina, Kerstin Klein, Elen Rolih, 
Silvia Gallart and others. 

Curation: Hgb Fideljus, 2019 
* Jimi Hendrix clearly distanced himself 
from the cover "Electric ladyland" and 
the recordings that were made and published 
without his knowledge and without his consent. 
Silvia Gallart