Vinyl Art next stops are:

Seestrasse 407
8038 Zürich
04.09 – 09.10 2017

– BLUTT RECORDS Exhibition
Limmatstrasse 125
8.05 – 07.07 2017

Ausstellungsstrasse 99

  • Women Who Draw is a directory of female professional artists. Two women were the initiators of the project. Their objective is to increase female art visibility. Since now my work is showcased on the directory. Feel free to enjoy the site: www.womenwhodraw

  • Work in Progress // I am working on my next exhibition in Art Container Project Zurich, more news soon!

  • I am inviting you to proudly visit me at the vinyl music fair which is taking place at Volkshaus, Zurich

    I am there showing my art vinyls, which I created reusing old ones:

    Here samples of the exhibited work

  • Happy Holidays & colorful year!

    Discover more christmas images in my Christmas blog

  • Next Stop: Sihlhalle
    Offspace at the heart of Zurich

  • Basis Lager is officially open to the public. The 4th december (11 am – 6 pm). An opportunity to buy exclusive products and see the artists and creatives workplaces. You’re welcome!

    Basis Lager
    Aargauerstrasse 14-94
    Container 80/08
    CH-8048 Zürich

  • 27th November I will be showing some works at Kunstsalon with other swiss and international artists.
    Opening: November 27, 14:00 – 17:00. THE NEW NEW, Rotbuchstrasse 16 8006 Zurich

    Participating artists:
    Janet Mueller, Alex Zwalen, Saskia Widmer, Cristina Ruiz De Castañeda, Teresa Sakura, Linda Bernhard, Lisa Birch, Jordi Bisquert Mascarell, Elen Rolih, Carolina Misztela, Cho Linska, Irinooky Ira and many more.

    You’re welcome 🙂

  • Around 200 people work at the Basis Lager. I started working here since this spring. There are professionals from different backgrounds working here – such as art, photography, fashion, literature, music and sculpture. Also there are few start ups (architecture or visual communication related) and other small businesses in here.

    I am here:
    Basis Lager / Aargauerstrasse 14-94 Container 80/08 / 8048 Zürich