Farbenspiel · Colorgame

Everything started with a representation of a face using some simple geometrical forms (circle, half-circle, quarter-circle, triangle, rectangle). And that was fun and very challenging. So I decided to create more complex representations, always using a grid and the same geometrical elements. I could generate expressive and funny figures just with very less elements and a lot of imagination. The representations I did are: “We Europa”, ” We Family”, “We Switzerland”, and “We Humans”. Moreover, each European country is available as a single image too, and some of them have different versions. The images are ready as prints in different sizes and materials: carton, paper, plexiglass, fine art print, aluminum. For Europa I based the figures on the colors of the different flags, Family is based on randomly chosen colors and Switzerland is based on the history of the country, the meaning of the flags and blazons, some geographic elements, and representative icons and buildings. For “We Humans”, I did research about the skin color of the population around the world and I painted each element based on this. (2021).