Graphic designer & visual artist based in Zurich

Since 2003 I’ve been working as a graphic designer
in different businesses such as the music events company
Sonar / Advanced Music S.L (Barcelona), the advertising
& direct marketing agency Wunderman / Futurecom,
the independent Swiss editorial Kommode Verlag
and the cultural space Kulturmarkt (Zurich). 
Since 2015 I work as an independent graphic designer
and visual artist in Zurich, Switzerland.

Besides my graphic and illustrated work, I organize
and take part in art exhibitions. I have already explored
subjects such as music & fashion in the eighties,
internet & social media and pop culture.
My art has been described as «Digital Pop Art»
because it focuses on many different aspects of digital
culture combined with iconography from the last
four past decades.


Portrait Silvia Gallart © – 2017